GSRNE #254
~2005 – 7/31/2017   

Click for more photos of Ivy
Password: Ivy

Ivy was starving when she came to GSRNE–her owner didn’t know what was wrong with her and couldn’t afford the vet bills. GSRNE took her to the vet and found that she had EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency).

Ivy was adopted by a loving family on 2/28/09. She was 4 years old at the time, a gorgeous bi-color, medium-sized GSD. She was extremely good with most all dogs, but was decidedly NOT a cat person! She was a lovely, friendly, easy dog to have around.

Ivy’s family had to put her down due to health issues on July 31, 2017. They loved her dearly and still miss her. She was such a beautiful and sweet GSD.





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GSRNE #213
2008? – 8/25/2017   

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Password: Bear

It is with great sadness that we were informed of Bear’s passing. He was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma three weeks earlier, and the tumor was growing ferociously fast. His last day was filled with quality attention, coat brushing, a walk in the park with his doggie girlfriend KC, and cheese. He is greatly missed, and the house feels far too empty without him.

Update on 8/29/2017:

I think we just passed the 3 month mark with Chance and he’s become such an integral part of our lives, we can’t remember what things were like

Chance with his beloved jolly ball

without him.  He has gotten better being around men and boys and he is devoted to our boys, who cherish him.  Our younger son, Sam, has even taught him new trick –
High 5. We have settled into a routine with a couple daily walks, play time outside with his beloved Jolly Ball, and hang out time with us.  We’ve gone to the local dog park a couple of times and, while he is curious
about the other dogs and gets along with them, he eventually comes back to stand by us and observes the other dogs playing.  We’ve had many friends and family over and Chance has learned to welcome them
after his initial typical GS barkfest.  They are all amazed at what an incredibly great dog he is, so smart, devoted, and playful. He’s had a couple vet visits at home.  He’s definitely not a fan of the vet but we’ve gotten through them.  Based on her advice, he has put on a few pounds and he seems to be at a good weight, which he maintains with his walks and Jolly Ball play.
I’ve attached a couple of photos – he just would NOT look at the camera for our selfie so I’ve included the best one we had.  And one that shows his devotion to his Jolly Ball.
We feel really lucky to have Chance as part of our family now.  We love this guy!

Adopted on 06/11/2017


When we asked his foster Mom what makes Chance delightful, she wrote,”He is very loving and loves to cuddle. He talks to me in this very deep baritone voice, so funny.  He loves to play in the y

ard, and he is an absolute joy to walk…no pulling or tugging.  He listens well to commands and respects my home.”

Chance warmed up to his foster Mom right away, but it took him a few days longer to trust his foster Dad.  When meeting new people, especially men, Chance is unsure and wary.  He is very aware of people and sounds when out for a walk and is more comfortable walking where there’s not a lot of noisy traffic.

In his foster home, Chance is living with a female German Shepherd named Molly.  He gets along well with her, and we were told that he lived with other dogs in a previous home.  He’s actually had two previous homes before foster care; his first owner gave Chance to a relative, and she didn’t have permission from her landlord to have a GSD.  As a result, she took Chance to a humane society.  Because he was so nervous and uncomfortable there, GSRNE was called and asked to move him out of that environment before he hurt himself trying to get out of his pen.

Chance has learned to stay in a crate while his foster parents are at work, but he has chewed up a crate pad, a blanket and managed to get his collar off and chew that up.  He now has his collar removed before he stays in his crate.  When his people come home from work, Chance is overjoyed to see them and ready to play. He especially loves his jumbo Jolly Ball, in the backyard, and his stuffed beaver toy, in the house.  He also enjoys riding in the car and stays in the back part of the family’s SUV.

When he first came to GSRNE, Chance was underweight and had itchy skin; with a change to a good quality food and the addition of a medication (Apoquel), Chance has put on weight, is less itchy and is ready to meet his forever family.

Update on 8/18/2017:

Wolfgang’s Mom says- “It is hard to put into words how much Wolfgang has affected my family.  He is the star of our show.  His energy keeps us moving, whether it’s playing fetch, taking walks or discovering new things in the backyard with us, where he prefers to be.  We still can’t get him in the pool, though.  He’ll venture to the first step and that’s it.  But to keep him cool outside, the hose always serves its purpose.  We are endlessly amused watching Wolfgang biting the water.  We have completed the first phase of training and will begin the second at the end of Sept..  Wolfgang’s response to training went so well that we thought that to continue it would be beneficial to all.
We were gone for a week in July and Kris took Wolfgang for the week.  What a relief that was.  It was comical to see how much we missed him and how eager we were to pick him back up.  He has truly become a family member.  We take Wolfgang to baseball games quite a bit (my son plays, is an outstanding pitcher and was scouted last week by the Seattle Mariners  –  I just had to brag about that).  Wolfgang loves meeting people and is always the center of attention.  His gorgeous classic German Shepherd looks, I believe, are a “lost breed” over the years so Wolfgang makes a statement wherever he goes.”


Adopted on 05/12/2017


This young male got off to a good start in his original home; he was well-loved and well-socialized and had some obedience training.  When his owner learned that his job would require a move to the west coast and a lot of weekly travel, he made the decision to find a new home for Wolfgang and called GSRNE.

In foster care, Wolfgang is living with a senior male GSD and a small-breed female who knows how to keep the boys in line.  Their foster Mom owns a daycare and grooming business, so her dogs get daily exercise and socialization; this has been great for Wolfgang, at his young and impressionable age.

We are told that he loves playing ball and is still learning the part about bringing the ball all the way back.  He has a great time with soft squeaky toys but also likes to take them apart.  His favorite toy is a plastic water bottle, and he’ll carry one around, crunch it, crinkle it and continue to play with it even after it’s been squished flat.  He’s very treat-motivated and is still learning to not grab too enthusiastically when a treat is offered.

Wolfgang has not been exposed to a cat, as far as we know, but we think he could learn to respect one, given time and patience.  He’s good with other dogs who are friendly and interested in playing, but he has no patience for aggressive dogs.  He has a good energy level and will need a family who wants to include him in daily activities, take him for walks, play in the yard and enjoy his company in the house.

Fortunately for Wolfgang, we have a family already approved to adopt and who have been waiting a long time for a dog like him.  They’ve recently met him and will be signing the adoption contract in the next few days.  We look forward to following Wolfgang’s progress and to sharing updates with our GSRNE friends and supporters!


GSRNE #359
2006? – 8/2017   

Click for more photos of Joey
Password: Joey

Joey was adopted in 2012, when he was 6 years old. When he came into GSRNE, he was overweight, his fur was matted, and he had an ear infection and conjunctivitis. In spite of all that, he was friendly when meeting people. We’re glad we were able to make such a positive difference in his life. His adopters loved him dearly and kept the GSRNE community, friends, and family up to date with their Facebook posts about him. Joey died of cancer, and he is sorely missed.

GSRNE #305
2008 – 4/29/2017   

Click for more photos of Nela
Password: Nela

It is with great sadness that we announce that beautiful “Nela” GSRNE #305 lost her battle with cancer on April 29th. Nela was adopted in October 2010, when she was about 2 years old. When GSRNE found her, she had been in a shelter for 5 months and weighed only 49 pounds. She thrived in her foster home and it wasn’t long before her foster dad asked to adopt her and make his home her permanent home. Her dad writes: “She was an amazing, sweet, vocal girl that I had a bond like no other with. I was so lucky you all trusted me with her. Our son Charlie just turned 2 on March 30th, we’re expecting a baby girl in June which we wanted Nela to be around for, since she loved babies. Charlie actually insisted on picking up Nela’s ashes with me when we brought her home. He still keeps asking where ‘yeeyah’ is.”

GSRNE #266
2004 – 3/10/2017   

Click for more photos of Shelby

 Password: Shelby 

Shelby died peacefully in my arms yesterday, with the help of her hospice vet.

We were privileged to share our lives with her for almost 8.5 years. She was going to be 13.5 years old next month–a very long life for a shepherd. Of all our GSRNE shepherds (Saber, Abby, and Sammy), Shelby was the most centered and calm.

I can still remember our first hour with her, how strong she was when we took her for a walk after taking her out of the quarantine cage. I thought she might be too strong for me, but she was so gentle, too. On Thursday it was clear it was the end; she could lift her head to greet us, but not so much the rest of her. We still miss Abby after a decade; we will miss Shelby always.


Adopted: June 14, 2009

5 years old spayed female, blk/tan and an owner surrender to a shelter. Owner was very sick and could no longer care for her. Shelby was scheduled for PTS without given any chance to show them what she is about, shelter called us and we took this sweet shy girl.

GSRNE #366
~2005 – 2/08/2017     

Click for more photos of West
Password: West


West was just a wonderful dog; affectionate, silly, loved to play–a complete turnaround from when he was first adopted. He loved his humans, and they are very thankful that they got to spend 4+ good years with him. West was their baby, and they were just crazy about him, and he knew it. 🙂


Here is a link to West’s biography page

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