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GSRNE #343
2004 – 9/12/2015   


Adopted: 5/3/2012

 Click for more photos of Troy

 Password: Troy 

It is with much sadness and tears we tell you about the loss of our Troy. He was put down on Saturday 9/12 after x-rays revealed an enlarged or swollen esophagus and pneumonia.  The esophagus problem was found on September 3rd. We were given medications and were due back to the hospital on September 10th at 5.00 p. During the week Troy seemed to improve. Thursday morning he was unable to stand so we rushed him to the hospital and he was there on meds. We visited him twice each day, but Friday night he took a turn for the worse. Dr. Scudder called with the bad news, he was not eating or drinking water. Troy was great for us and a great companion for Leo.


Troy was a much loved and happy 7-year-old male when he came to GSRNE in 2012, after his owner was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  His owner Gaele, had rescued him from a neglect situation when he was 2 years old, and she was very concerned that he would continue to be loved and cared for when she could no longer do that.  She had been active in animal rescue for most of her life and had made a positive difference in the lives of many animals.  When she contacted GSRNE this time, we had an approved adopter who had been waiting for a male that matched Troy’s activity level and personality; a retired couple who had the love and time to share with him. It was a perfect match which brought much comfort to Gaele and her family at a very difficult time.


Holly Adopted: Oct. 21, 2015 at age 7
Mushroom  / Wylie Adopted: Oct. 21, 2015 at 4 yrs (DOB 4/25/11)

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Password: Mushy

Update on 6/24/2016:

Here is Holly’s and Wylie’s update from their mom- Wylie has continued to show improvement (baby steps) with his fear of my being part of the family. He jumps up on the bed each morning, kisses me, lets me rub his ears and pet him. Of course, he still prefers Todd, but at least I’m not getting such a panicked reaction.
We signed them up for Family Dog 1 and they went to their first obedience class last week. I had Wylie, Todd had Holly. Although we sat side-by-side, with the dogs beside us, they really struggled with the two us in-between them. After a short while, Holly settled in and followed the commands easily (clicker, treats) but Wylie wasn’t interested. I tried to take him outside to calm down, but it didn’t work very well. The last 15 minutes of the class, we swapped pups. Surprisingly, Holly had a hard time with me.
The trainers are very good; positive re-enforcement being key. They’re patient, knowledgeable and are very calming with both dogs.
At home, I am working with Wylie and he’s doing great. He’ll sit and stay for me very, very well. As a matter of fact, I clipped my hair on top of my head (it made a sound) and he sat!!! Funny.
They have their second appointment at the vet tomorrow to finish up their round of shots. We tried to get them all in one visit, but they were too stressed and we didn’t want to make the vet visit a traumatic reoccurrence.
All in all, we’re doing well and I fall in love with them more every day. I hope Ava and Scorpio and doing well — would love to hear of their progress.

Holly and Mushroom’s original write-up:

When our Hotline volunteers check the phone lines every day, they never know what GSRNE will be asked to do next.  It’s not unusual to hear that a dog is doing poorly in a shelter or an owner can no longer care for a dog; but hearing that 4 GSDs need to be moved at once is a real challenge.


We were called by the owner who had Holly, 7 years old (female), Mushroom, 4 years old (male), Scorpio, 8 months old (male) and Baby, 8 months old, (female).  The man had surgery coming up,  and no shelter would take the dogs because they were not socialized and fearful.  The dogs were not altered, and we were concerned that the two females could go into season at any time; thank goodness we found  4 separate foster homes for them.

Mushroom / Wylie

Holly was placed in a new foster home with no current dog, and she had a hard time adjusting.  She went through her spay surgery and recovered well; but she kept having “accidents” in the house, was chewing on herself and did not settle in.

Mushroom bonded quickly to his foster Dad but remained leery and uncomfortable around his foster Mom.  She tried offering treats, sitting patiently, being the one to feed him and tried putting on the leash to take him for walks; but he was not warming up to her.

Holly and Mushroom/Wylie


We kept the foster homes informed about how the other dogs were doing, and Mushroom’s foster parents expressed an interest in Holly.  We clutched at that straw and moved Holly to their home….and it was the answer to our prayers.  Holly stopped chewing on herself, began to relax and was very affectionate with her new foster Mom.  She and Mushroom were SO excited and happy to see each other that they’re helping each other with this big change in their lives.  They’ve gone from never wearing a collar or being on leash to enjoying going for walks and learning how much more there is to life than the isolation they had before.  In fact, they’re doing so well now that their foster home might become their forever home!

GSRNE #257
2005 – 6/13/2016   

Adopted: 4/26/2009

Click for more photos of Lux

Password: Lux


It is with a heavy heart that I share the news of Lux’s passing. He was in severe distress last night when we brought him into emergency, and we had little time to make a very difficult decision. Lux was almost 12 years old, and we could not ask any more from him after all the years of love he had given to us.

He came to us as a foster 8 years ago, as GSRNE rescue dog #257. He worked his way into our hearts and home immediately, and we just could not let him go. Lux was the light of my daughter’s life and she took him everywhere! We were truly blessed to have Lux with us for his time here and will forever miss his good-natured and loving spirit. If you met him, it was impossible not to love him! We are forever thankful to GSRNE for bringing Lux into our lives. We are all the richer for having shared this part of the journey with him.

With love and sadness,
Allan Decker


Lux’s original write-up:
Lux loves being with his family.  He loves to go for walks and play ball in the back yard with the other dog in the foster home, Shiloh.  It seems Lux’s favorite game sometimes is “keep away” from Shiloh.  Lux is a very smart dog, he knows his commands and he listens very well.
Lux is a little imp and a big lug with very expressive eyes.  We say he has clown eyebrows.  The way he looks at you, you know something is on his mind.  Most of the time we know what that is.  When you walk with him he will turn and touch his nose to your leg, his way of “checking” on you to make sure you are there.  Play ball with him and you have a friend for life.
Lux also loves to go for long walks, and likes his car rides, and at the end of the day he will curl up at your feet and go to sleep.  Lux is also a couch potato, when he is in his room where a couch is, I will catch him sound asleep on it.
Lux will bark at new people, but we are working on that, and he is fine when he gets to know you.
Lux is great with people he knows.  Give him a treat and he is a happy guy.
Lux needs a nice family home with someone who can work on his greeting with people. He loves kids and does well with the dogs he has met after a proper introduction.   He is a big lug that just wants to be around you.

Kayla_6055 (1)

Adopted: Nov. 1, 2015
age at adoption: 1 yr 8 months (DOB 2/1/14)
Password: Kayla


Update: May 19, 2016
Thank you for all the great work you organization does and most of all for bringing Kayla into our life. Have a great summer.








Kayla’s original write-up:  Life was pretty good for this young female for her first 15 months; her owner spent time with her and arranged for sessions at doggie day care while he was at work.  She played with the other dogs there and was getting some obedience training.  When her owner died suddenly, and no one in the family could take Kayla, she faced an uncertain future.

Fortunately, the owner of her daycare facility notified GSRNE and took care of her until a foster home could be found.  Kayla has handled all the changes without losing her open and trusting personality and is now ready to meet a potential adopter.

Her foster Mom tells us that Kayla “is a total love, is very smart and has lots of energy.”  She looks for things to play with and will carry one ball in her mouth while using her feet to shove a second ball away and then chase after it; she also has fun with fuzzy toys.

Kayla can be mouthy when she first meets someone but will stop when corrected.  She’s enthusiastic about new adventures and would like to charge out the door as soon as it’s opened, so she’s learning to sit and “wait” until invited to go through.  We’ve also learned that she is very sensitive to loud noises and will look for a place to hide, so she needs someone who is understanding and patient.

There are two kittens, under one year old, in Kayla’s foster home, and they fascinate her.  She wants to follow them everywhere and carries toys to get them to play, and the kittens are a bit wary of her.  She should do well with a confident and dog-savvy cat, though.

Kayla is ready to be part of a loving and active family.  If you are committed to going to obedience training classes with her and have some experience with an active and outgoing German Shepherd, this might be the girl for you!

Adopted: Jan. 1, 2016
Age: 1 yr.4 months (DOB 8/15/14)

Click to View More Images.
Password: Ava


Update April 16, 2016:
Ava has discovered that balls are fun to chase, and that a leash is good, because when it gets attached she goes on adventures!
Ava also loves to learn new things because she has discovered she likes getting rewarded with treats too!
Her favorite trick is to ring a bell by the door when she wants to go out, and she does not hesitate to use it if she thinks we aren’t paying attention! HA HA!
Ava has completed her intermediate obedience training! Wohoo!! It was a bit rough for her at first trying to control her fear. Although she is very bright, and already knew more commands that most of the other dogs in the class, they made her very nervous at first. We took it slow, kept her at a comfortable distance, and eventually she was able to concentrate on training. 




 Ava’s original write-up:

Baby / Ava is one of the four dogs that we took in last spring. Her owner had some medical issues and needed to find a safe place for the dogs he loved but could no longer care for. We knew that taking four dogs that were fearful and not socialized was going to require a commitment of time and a team of very special people to help each of them get ready for a new life. If you follow us here or on Facebook, you know that we recently celebrated the adoption of Holly and Mushroom, two of the dogs from that same home.


Baby is a beautiful girl. In fact her foster family asked if they could rename her, Ava, and we agreed that it was a perfect fit for her. Ava was just under a year when she came to GSRNE. She was afraid of just about everything. If you threw a ball to her to play with, she would head in the other direction. Her foster family has show amazing patience and unwavering devotion to helping her. Ava’s progress has been slow but each new accomplishment is cause for celebration. Her foster mom and dad have worked with her every day to help her to feel safe and more secure in the world around her. The bond between her foster family and Ava is very strong and we feel that she has found her forever home but we wanted to share her journey with you. We are all so very happy that we were able to help this sweet girl.




Ryker 4845Adopted: May 22, 2016
Age: 10 months DOB 7/7/15
Click for more photos



Update: May 22, 2016

The magic has happened for our young male, Ryker, who will turn 1 year old with his adopters.
His foster Dad worked with him to tone down his enthusiasm when meeting new people, helped him learn to walk nicely on a leash and got him used to staying in a crate for short periods until he learned that he wouldn’t have to stay there all day. Once we posted Ryker on our Available Dogs page, we heard from a lot of people who were interested in meeting him.
We knew that Ryker would need an experienced adopter, someone who has lived with and loved German Shepherds previously, and we thought he would do best with a confident dog in the home….a calm female who could become a good
role model for him. There was a female German Shepherd in his foster home, and Ryker followed her around and enjoyed their play sessions.
Among our approved adopters waiting to be matched with a dog, we found the ones we were looking for. They brought their 2-year-old female Chocolate Lab to the adoption meeting, and the two dogs went for a walk as part of
their introduction to each other. The humans knew, pretty quickly, that they wanted Ryker to join their family; and when their dog seemed to agree, the match was made.

Ryker’s original write up:

This enthusiastic boy is big for his age and still figuring out what to do with all his energy. He has learned the basic obedience commands and will walk nicely on leash once he gets moving on the sidewalk or on a walking trail.
His recall is good, but he does want to jump up in excitement when he gets to you. He has the same inclination when greeting a visitor to the home and has to learn to tone things down a bit.

Ryker lives with a female German Shepherd in his foster home and gets along well with her. He wants to play and will follow her around in the yard to see whether she finds anything interesting to do. When meeting another dog outside the home, he barks and becomes very excited.

After some good exercise, he loves to relax with you in the house and will roll onto his back for a good belly rub.
He doesn’t have long periods of time home alone and will bark and scratch at the pan when he has to be left in his crate. He does settle down eventually, though.
Ryker will do well with an adopter who has some German Shepherd experience and knows positive training techniques….someone with a calm and loving personality who will enjoy the company of this outgoing and energetic boy.

GSRNE #324
6/1/2007 – 5/7/2016  

Bishop was adopted in July 2011.  He was 4 years old then, having just celebrated his birthday on June 1st.  From the moment he set a paw in our home, we fell in love with him.  We took him everywhere dogs were allowed, and he was a true companion.  He loved going anywhere in the car (even to the vet), but especially for ice cream–yum!  We also took him to obedience training where he received his CGS.  His trips to the local nursing home brought great joy to the residents.  We (both of his caregivers) faced illness of our own during the time we had Bishop, and he always knew which of us needed his hugs and kisses.  He was such a comfort.  We walked 2 miles each day, and Bishop made lots of friends along the way.  During the colder winter months, we walked the cross-country track near our middle school.  Every day we played “hide-n-seek,” and Bishop became a great tracker.

On February 15, 2016, Bishop was not himself.  He needed emergency surgery for Hemangiosarcoma, so he had his spleen removed, but the prognosis was not good. Bishop crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 7, 2016, just short of his 9th birthday.

He was our happiest “Good Morning,” our comforting “Good Night,” and our saddest “Good Bye.”

We miss him so very much.
Roger and Diane

The 2016 Calendar Raffle has ended! Thank you to everyone who participated. 


Ticket Sales are now closed.

Adopted: April 16, 2016
AGE: 2 years
Password: Suki


Suki’s original write up:

If intelligence is on the top of your list when you think of the qualities you want in a GSD, then Suki may be the dog for you. Her keen intelligence will help her excel in obedience or agility and her serious hunt drive would make Nose Work fun for both of you, especially if the reward is a toss of the ball!

Suki came into GSRNE in January 2015, when she was under one year old. She had been allowed to run loose with an adult male GSD in the family, and th
e two of them were killing a neighbor’s chickens.  When he threatened to shoot her, the owner found Suki another home, but the new home wasn’t feeding her so the owner took her back.  The owner then put Suki on Craig’s List, and she was adopted by a woman who had cats; Suki went after the cats and kept searching for them even after they were put safely away, so she had to move again.

Suki has a lot of energy and serious ball drive; during the winter she would run into the fenced yard and find balls buried under a foot of snow.  She wants to have things to do and will play ball without wanting to stop, loves going for walks, would be a great partner for a jogger. Her adopter will have to be an active person and really enjoy having fun with this girl!

Though she is unsure about new dogs, with correct introductions and a little time, Suki would be happy to be in a home with another young dog. Though she will probably never be a social butterfly, she ignores dog’s
passing by when out on her walks and is happy just being out with you.  Her foster parents have been teaching her manners and working on changing behaviors that she had learned from the lack of structure/guidance before coming into GSRNE. Not the bravest of shepherds, Suki is looking for someone to look up to and snuggle with (and did we mention play ball?) and we now feel she’s ready for her forever home.


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