We once again need your help to Trim-the-Tree to help the dogs!

You’ll be able to decorate our on-line GSRNE tree with your favorite ornaments,
choose one of the beautiful presents to place under the tree, or an angel to fly above it.

It’s a lovely way to celebrate the pets and people in your life now or remember the ones that have passed
away. You can also show your support for someone “nice” by putting a short message on Santa’s list.
We can’t wait to see what it ends up looking like this year!

Santa is holding a list of all the “good little (and big) girls & boys” that have helped us to Trim-the-Tree this year.
See all the decorations you can choose from to help to Trim-the-Tree (caution may load slowly!)

Santa's Listsnowman2
Here’s one holiday list you can check twice to help keep the furry members of your family happy and healthy. [more]


Dog’s New Year Resolutions
1.  I will not play tug-of-war with Dad’s underwear when he’s on the toilet.  [more]


Surprising your loved one with an adorable puppy under the tree on Christmas morning may seem like the perfect gift….but is it really? [more]
snow globe
‘Twas The Night ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house… [more]


Remember wintertime brings special needs and considerations for your pet. Look here for some tips on how to keep them safe and warm.  [more]


On the first day of Christmas my puppy gave to me…The angel from the top of the tree.  [more]


animated fire place
A version of the 12 Days of Christmas that is sure to make you chuckle   [more]


Holiday Candle

Fragrant Winter
Scented Candles



 GSRNE Wine Makes
Any Occasion Special


Help the Dogs While Shopping!
Use this link to do your online shopping and GSRNE will get a percentage to help the dogs!




Click here to see the gifts, ornament, and star that you can
choose from to decorate this virtual tree and then check out
Santa’s list to see who else was busy decorating our tree.

animated angelanimated angelanimated angel

animated angel

animated angelanimated angel

Trimmed Tree

Buddy Program, toys, help

Tara, GSRNE #139 gets her first toy from her Buddy, Lauralee
It’s love at first squeak!

Everybody Needs a Buddy Sometime!

So many people love our dogs and would like to foster or adopt them, but for various reasons they are unable.  We have come up with a program for those people who can become one of our many foster dogs’ “Buddy” until they get adopted. The Buddy Program allows you to provide support for a specific foster dog that you have seen on our Web site that touches your heart.  

A Buddy is a special person who provides a donation of money, food or supplies for a GSRNE dog while they are in foster care to help him/her get the fresh start they deserve!  Every cent given of your generous donation will go toward the dog’s vet care, food and any other necessity.  Since GSRNE is a 501(c)(3) corporation, your donation is tax deductible.

Unfortunately, our adoption fees and fundraisers do not cover the costs for most of our dogs in the program, so won’t you consider being a Buddy to one or more of our deserving dogs?  Being a Buddy is a simple thing to do.  You may pick a dog to sponsor for any of the following and donate securely through Paypal by clicking this button:

or send a check to:

GSRNE, Buddy Dog Program, P.O. Box 299, Wayland, MA  01778 

After your donation using Paypal, you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll have a chance to email us which foster dog you are sponsoring.   If you send your donation by mail to the P.O. Box, please provide us with your email address, contact information, and the dog that you would like to be your buddy.


Below is the average cost of some of the supplies we use for the dogs.  You may also visit our Wish List section to purchase specific items we use.


Leashes & Long Lines$35
Bowls and Misc. Supplies$25
Grooming Supplies$25
Crate pad and dog bed$40 – $75
Toys$7 – $20
Car Safety Belt$70
Heartworm Preventatives$18
Tick and Flea Preventatives$30
Food$40 – $60

GSRNE #302
3/1/2002 – 9/2/2014 

Simba and Tomas

You came into our lives and we have never been the same. It took ten months before we became friends but we continued to build mutual trust and respect for each other in every passing year. Our relationship became strong and loving and we miss you every day. You taught us so much for which we will forever be grateful.  We love you.

Chris and Tomas


GSRNE #376
4/29/2003 – 4/5/2014 

Nitro It is with great sadness, heavy hearts and many tears that we said good-bye to our beautiful boy, Nitro, who touched so many lives. He was very special. Our boy Nitro retired from the U.S. Military. He was a DETECTION EXPLOSIVES K9 and served three Tours of Duty for our country. His first two tours were in Iraq and the third was in Afghanistan. We really don’t know how many lives he saved but we would like to believe it was many. Nitro was retired in the Spring of 2012 from the U.S. Military when he was just a few weeks short of his 9th birthday. As soon as GSRNE heard about him, we quickly took him into our program wanting to find a “happy every after” life for him. It wasn’t long before we found that our boy had cancer – Tonsillar Squamous Cell Carcinoma, common for K9 dogs working in detection explosives. Carcinoma of the tonsils is particularly aggressive and the Vet told us he probably only had about three months. The GSRNE Family decided it would be the best three months of Nitro’s life. We would all spoil and celebrate this handsome boy we all grew to love! The Board Members made the decision he would stay with his foster dad, Danny, and canine brother, Rocky, whose motorcycle club, the New England Vikings, fell in love with Nitro. The club members are mostly retired US veterans who also served our country. On September 1, 2012, Nitro was honorarily adopted by the New England Vikings Motorcycle Club. We are so grateful to have had Nitro in our lives.

Trim the Tree and Help the Dogs

Trim the Tree and Help the Dogs

We sometimes are called to help a GSD that we just can’t bring into the program. It could be that GSRNE is full and cannot take it for further evaluation, or the dog is in a shelter and we have not been able to see the dog yet. We try to help the shelters and are aware of the dog’s plights and want to help them by telling people like you about them. If a dog is at a shelter and you want more information about it, please call the appropriate shelter.

We have not temperament tested or evaluated the dogs on this page. Some of these dogs have a very short time to live, due to overcrowding at shelters or the dog falling apart mentally/emotionally. If you are interested in one, please call about these dogs right away, and please mention that you saw info about the dog on the GSRNE web site. Thanks!  Note: ALWAYS call first and ask if a shelter dog is still available. Shelters often do not update us when dogs are adopted or euthanized so listings here can be out of date until we find out.Please let the shelter know that you saw the dog on GSRNE’s website.

If you adopt a dog that you saw here,
we’d love to hear from you!

These are dogs we wish we could help and it would be wonderful to know their story of what happened to them. Let us know if it’s okay to put your story of adopting the dog here on the site and on our Facebook page as everyone loves a happy ending! Email to share your story with us!



Ryder needs a family

Ryder Wants a Home

Ryder Wants a Home

Ryder was rescued from a hoarding situation, severely under-socialized and covered in fleas. At age 4, he had never seen a vet, never been in a car, never left the property. Now he is neutered and healthy, ready for a loving forever family. He gets along great with dogs and cats, and has a gentle and dignified spirit.

Once He's Feeling Comfortable, Happy

Once He’s Feeling Comfortable, He’s A Happy Boy!

He’s learning how to play with people, but still needs time to learn to trust. He would do best with a family that has another dog and has patience and understanding that it will take Ryder some time to feel comfortable in a new family.

Ryder Loves Other Dogs

Ryder Loves Other Dogs

He is living in a foster home in Vermont, and for more information, please contact Jenn at

For more pictures, check him out on his FaceBook page.



For All the Dogs in
Shelters Everywhere

by Shelly Guidotti

Old Friends

Old Friends

“Did you hear that?” the old dog shouted. They all ran to the front of their kennel doors to see if someone was coming to “pick them.”

“Sorry,” he said to the other dogs as his ears fell down from their perked position. “I could have sworn I heard voices saying, ‘Isn’t he cute? Can’t we take him home with us?'”

“You must have been dreaming again old man,” said the dog in the cage next to him. “Anyway, what’s the big deal about getting picked ? We’ve all been through that routine and look where it got us.” The word “home” meant little to these shelter dogs.

“Just once, I’d like to feel the warmth of a hand stroking my head,” said the old dog. “I’d like to be the one who kisses the tears off a sad face. I’d like to curl up next to a fire instead of this cold concrete. It hurts my bones.” He curled up and sighed as the others said, “The only place you’re going to find that is in your dreams old man.”


Hank’s wife had only been gone a year but the pain was as fresh as if time had stood still. He was an old man now, alone and longed for the comfort that he knew no other person would ever be able to give to him again. What would his life become without her by his side? Hank’s cupboards were close to bare now and, although he didn’t want to go out, he knew he should at least pick up the basics.

He drove slowly down the side streets for freeway driving had become too challenging. Suddenly, the car started chugging and sputtering until finally the engine quit altogether. One of the basic needs he forgot was fuel for the car! So he coasted over next to the curb, spotting a building within walking distance. Hopefully, they’d let him use their phone.

He walked into an office area and rang the bell for service but no one came. He spotted another door going outside, failing to notice the sign posted “Employees Only”. As Hank walked out, he was over- whelmed by yaps, barks and insane jumping from dogs all sizes and shapes.

He then realized he had unintentionally gone to the dog shelter. Slowly he walked down the concrete aisle looking for an attendant.

Three kennels down on the right, the old dog calmly sat there. Why should the old dog get excited? No one would want him. But, he sensed a need and couldn’t resist offering a kind look and a gentle wag of the tail. As Hank neared the old dog’s cage, he laced his fingers through the chain link to steady his gait and the first feeling of comfort he’d remembered in over a year came from a wet nose and lick across his arthritic fingers.

Just then a voice of authority sounded, and Hank jumped. “I’m sorry sir, you aren’t supposed to be in this area!” she said. Luckily Hank didn’t know he had walked into the “final area” where unclaimed dogs were scheduled to be put down. There went the nudge and lick thing again. Hank looked down to the most pleading eyes he’d ever seen.

Ignoring the attendants order to leave, Hank asked if could he see the dog closer? Her demeanor changed completely and her sternness melted away. She had forced herself to be this way so she could do the part of her job she despised. She brought the old dog out and instantly the two souls – once so lost – found reason to hope.

Hank’s cupboards were now filled, a warm fire crackled and the old dog Smiled inside as he remembered “only in your dreams.” Closing his eyes he felt Hank’s hand stroking his head whispering “sleep in heavenly peace”.


Here’s how you do it!

1) Choose an ornament, gift, star or angel below.

2)  Send an email to (some people have problems with this email address.
If you do, please use instead. Thank you!) stating:

ReindeerYour name and full mailing address
ReindeerYour choice of virtual ornaments and/or gifts from below
The name or message you want on Santa’s list.

NOTE: I can include a SHORT message for each gift like “In memory of” or “the best dogs” but am not able to include long messages. Please keep your message for Santa’s list to approx. 14 words or about 68 characters. This allows room for everyone’s messages. We reserve the right to edit the message to fit the space or if the content is deemed inappropriate.

3) Send your tax deductible donation to:
GSRNE, Inc. / P.O. Box 299 / Wayland, MA 01778
Please mark on your check that it is for the Trim-A-Tree Fundraiser and include the info above
or click this button to pay with Paypal or a card.

Donate to Trim-a-Tree

Check the tree in a day to see your choice and then
check to be sure you made it onto Santa’s “very nice” list!


Animated Angel

Christmas angel $500

Christmas Angel

Star is taken

Tree Topper   (1 only)


Donate to Trim-a-Tree

Check the tree in a day to see your choice and then
check to be sure you made it onto Santa’s “very nice” list!


Jumbo Green/RedJumbo blue with green ribbon
Jumbo Blue Green StripesJumbo Green/RedJumbo Blue With Green Ribbon




Jumbo Red/BlackJumbo Blue Ribbon
Jumbo Red/BlackJumbo Blue RibbonJumbo Orange Stripes
$40 $40$40

Donate to Trim-a-Tree

Check the tree in a day to see your choice and make then
check to be sure you made it onto Santa’s “very nice” list!

Large Yellow DotsLarge Doggie Bone
Large Yellow DotsLarge Doggie BoneGreen Yellow BowRed Gold Ribbon
$35$35 $35 $35
Jagger's ToyLarge Blue/Orange
Blue Yellow Ribbon Jagger’s ToyYellow Pink RibbonLarge Blue/Orange
$35 $35 $35$35

Donate to Trim-a-Tree

Check the tree in a day to see your choice and make
then check to be sure you made it onto Santa’s “very nice” list!

Medium Dark Medium Blue Medium White GiftMedium Red/Teal Gift
Medium Dark BlueMedium Blue and GreenMedium WhitePolka DotMedium Red/Teal

Donate to Trim-a-Tree

Check the tree in a day to see your choice and make then
check to be sure you made it onto Santa’s “very nice” list!

Medium Doggie BoneMedium Blue Yellow Gift
Teal BlueMedium Dog BoneMedium Purple GreenMedium Yellow DotsMedium Blue Yellow Gift

Donate to Trim-a-Tree

Check the tree in a day to see your choice and make then
check to be sure you made it onto Santa’s “very nice” list!

Small StarsSmall OrangeSmall Blue Small Blue Trees Small Blue Red GiftSmall Pink GiftSmall Red Yellow Gift
Small StarsGiftSmall Orange Gift Small Blue Gift Small Blue Trees GiftSmall Blue Red GiftSmall Pink GiftSmall Red Yellow Gift

Donate to Trim-a-Tree

Check the tree in a day to see your choice and make then
check to be sure you made it onto Santa’s “very nice” list!

Standing GSDStanding GSD2Sitting GSDSitting GSD2Sitting GSD3

Donate to Trim-a-Tree

Check the tree in a day to see your choice and make then
check to be sure you made it onto Santa’s “very nice” list!


red cardinal
Green Striped PartridgeCandy CaneSilver BallSnowmanSantaRed CardinalFinialSwirl


Red StarWhite SantaFlowersWhite GlassGold StarLight BlueYellow FlowersRainbow

Donate to Trim-a-Tree

Check the tree in a day to see your choice and make then
check to be sure you made it onto Santa’s “very nice” list!




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adopt don't shop

Merry Christmas From Ye Olde Puppy Shoppe!

We love our puppy customers -
They’re our #1 bread and butter.
Especially right now at Christmas time
With their MasterCards all a-flutter.

Oh sure, they’ve heard about puppymills -
They don’t live in a cave.
The tree-huggers dreamed THAT whole thing up.
They’re really quite depraved!

All OUR pups came from “Local Breeders”.
These signs around TELL you so;
We paint ‘em up and hang ‘em high
Cause we want you to know!

We don’t put a price on honesty,
But this pup will cost eight hundred dollars.
You don’t think that we make the big bucks
Selling fish food and martingale collars!

But back to our Christmas Greeting
And why we wish you all Good Cheer;
You see, you are $pecial folks to us
At this festive time of year.

We love you because you’re lazy,
Though very well connected.
You just won’t take the time to find
A breeder who’s respected.

You so rarely do your homework.
Santa, send us MORE trusting fellas
With no time to learn about cataracts,
Hip dysplasia
or Luxating Patellas !

Zoonotic’s not a word you learned
Playing Scrabble or at school?
Color Mutant Alopecia? Duh!
We LOVE it, man, you’re COOL!

Cryptorchids must be flowers from Hawaii you say?
We will sure not tell you better.
And you don’t need to know Brucellosis, my friend,
Unless, of course, you get ‘er!

You think that CERF-ing’s what
Dude’s do in California?
And OFA’s just another old workplace law?
We’re sure not going to warn you!

But should we stumble upon someone
Who IS savvy in any way,
We’ll just start extolling the wonderful work
Of the grand old USDA.

We love you ’cause you just don’t care -
You buy it because you want it.
You can lay your cash on OUR counter, ma’am,
If you’ve got it, you OUGHT to flaunt it!

We love the things you DON’T ask
It makes our job so easy!
If you saw the sights behind the scene
You’d probably get quite queasy.


You’ll never see the breeding dogs
Who suffer on the wire,
Or pups that die of hyperthermia
When their truck gets a flat tire.

We’ll keep you from our back room, too,
And put a padlock on the freezer.
Those diseased tiny puppies stiff and cold
Would not be a crowd pleaser.

We hope you have a vet you like -
That pup’s probably gonna need him.
Ivomec wears off in thirty days -
That’s how long we’ve guaranteed him!

Who cares when you get that blue slip home
And find out that it wasn’t true?
And see our “Local Breeder” is out in Timbuktu?
HO! HO! HO! That joke’s on you!

So come and see us, one and all -
Join in our Christmas Cheer!
We’ve strung the tinsel all around.
If we could, and would love to see you here.

We’ve got the carols playing
And a Santa, for good reason;
We’re all scrubbed up and looking good
So you’ll make our Christmas season.

As you walk away with your new pup
We’ll shed a happy Christmas tear.
Don’t change ONE THING about yourself-
Just DO come back next year!

Author Unknown

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