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This is what you need to consider when selecting food for your GSD…

How to Pick the Best Dog Food
Here’s a list of links for learning about how to tell good dog foods from bad. Some of these
pages contain lists of high-quality foods and notes about why they’re good. tells you how to read those ingredients labels
and has an extensive list of dog foods and their ingredients.

The Dog Food Comparison Charts
This is one of the most comprehensive websites for comparing dog foods. It starts with an
article on understanding dog food labels and then lists many of the dog foods available today. Must read!

The  Dog Food Analysis offer in-depth reviews and information on commercial foods.
Click on REVIEWS to see the foods, or SEARCH for particular foods.

Get the Facts: What’s Really In Dog Food

All Natural Diet for Dogs by Ed Frawley

Dog Aware-Diet
Tons of information and links on dog food/ingredients/dog food lists, etc.

Puppy Mill Links

Want to know where those cute pet store puppies come from? Check out some of these links.

Video of an Indiana Amish Puppy mill

Warning – the producer of this video says that it may be inappropriate for some viewers, the “video you will see nowhere else…it will make you sad, it will make you sick, but mostly, it will make you FIGHTING MAD! Let Justice be served for the breeding dogs of the Indiana Amish!”

Prisoners of Greed

Our experience tells us that the best way to shut down the mills is by telling the public the truth about the mills. If the public learns that puppies in pet stores come from puppy mills, they won’t buy them and the mills will close.

American Humane Education Society
350 South Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02130-4803
(617) 522-7400

Dog Scandal Pushes New Fur Labeling Bill

The Coalition for Animal Justice is dedicated to fighting cruelty against species traditionally classified as companion animals.

Lost Pets




Notice To GSRNE Adopters

If your GSRNE German Shepherd gets lost or is missing for several hours, please call the hotline AND email Karen at, or Chris at Let us know when and where the dog was last seen. Make sure that your Rescue GSRNE dog is wearing his/her GSRNE tag.

With thanks to Debbie Hall for sharing these with us.

Have you lost your dog? If so, don’t delay reporting the dog as missing! The longer you delay, the farther from home your pet may be. The following are suggestions to help you find your pet.

We wish you luck in your search!


When searching for a lost dog WHAT TO DO ASAP , to create a flyer, hand it to

pet food stores, vegetable stands, gas stations, animal control officers of

surrounding towns, and police department

The below websites are user friendly.

POST your LOST pet here as well as view the FOUND pets section on each

website. (select appropriate state and be sure to view the Pets Category and Lost and Found Category)



  • Leave food & water outside door normally used when walking the dog, as well as something with a familiar scent, such as the dog’s blanket, crate, toy, owner’s smelly shirt or used pillowcase. Try to keep items dry. Dogs may return to where they bolted from at any time, familiar place or not.
  • Create a FLYER with picture of dog. Post and distribute quickly. *
  • Call surrounding towns’ ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER (ACO) immediately, no matter what the hour. If necessary, leave a message. You can call a town Police Department’s non-emergency number to get the name/phone number of each ACO. The ACO may be full or part time. Some towns share, big cities may have several. Ask who picks up dogs hit by cars. Get a flyer/picture to them ASAP. They need detailed descriptions.
  • Next, get flyers to police dispatch, veterinarians, shelters & rescue groups, kennels, dog groomers/walkers/sitters, feed and farm & pet supply stores in area.
  • Visit restaurants big/small, rubbish transfer stations or local “dump”. Go to doughnut shops, convenience food stores, golf courses, amusement parks, airports, senior centers, churches, libraries, fire stations, athletic fields and junkyards.
  • Contact the managers of Dept. of Public Works, Highway, Parks & Recreation, School Grounds, Cable, Gas and Electric companies and give them a flyer for the employees to view.
  • Tape flyers on your vehicle while in area for maximum exposure & publicity.
  • A brief ad with picture in local newspaper is helpful. See if local “free” paper will run an ad for you.
  • Stay “ahead” of dog & go to homes within a 3-5 mile radius and hand out flyers. Skip around if necessary, but cover key areas. Be sure to post at intersections, school districts and athletic fields. If you have time & helpers, the search area can be expanded immediately or on an “as needed” basis. It is better to talk to people in the area than to stuff a mailbox (not legal). Leave flyers on windshields, under flowerpots, in newspaper bins, etc. The newspaper carriers might help by giving flyers to their customers. Give flyers to people walking dogs, joggers/walkers, mail delivery trucks, FED EX, UPS, landscapers, construction crews and rubbish/recycling trucks.
  • Smile, be polite, courteous & always on a positive note. Go to search areas with flyers at different times throughout the day/evening. Make people aware that they are vital to successful lost dog search efforts. Reinforce “Do Not Chase – Call US”. Tell everyone if they see flyers posted, the dog is still missing.

Lost Dogs – Flyer Basics

Searching Hints and Behaviors

Lost Dogs Sighting Calls

Lost Dogs Trapping-Humane Cage Traps

GSD Standard, Types and Colors


Linda Shaw says, “The standard for the German Shepherd Dog, while annoyingly vague in many respects, has not changed appreciably over the years. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the breed. From the 1940′s, when most dogs in most countries looked pretty much the same, we now have West German show, West German working, East German, Czechoslovakian, English Alsation, American show and probably others yet in the making.”

GSRNE would like to take a look at some of these various types of dogs beginning here. Artist, illustrator & author Linda Shaw has written this comprehensive article on the structure of the GSD.



GSD History

Evolution of the German Shepherd in 30 Generations

GSD-Siegers (#1 dog in the world according to FCI world standards) 1899-on

An Absolutely Incredible Database. This particular page shows Siegers (male) and Siegerians (female).


GSD Types/Shows

Around The World Of The German Shepherd
Thousands of fans follow the National Breed Championship on the five continents. Here is a selection of the best adult males, which distinguished themselves in 2001 by winning the highly-coveted title of Club Champion, and what’s more, very often under the judgment of German breed specialists.


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This is what you need to consider when selecting food for your GSD... How to Pick the B[more]
Puppy Mill Links Want to know where those cute pet store puppies come from? Check out s[more]
What To Do About Lost Dogs
Lost Pets     Notice To GSRNE Adopters If your GSRNE German Shep[more]
Breed Standard
  GSD History Evolution of the German Shepherd in 30 Generations http://www.a[more]