Kess Evans-Maynor
GSRNE #234
2/5/1998 - 9/30/2010

Kess, our beautiful white shepherd was put to rest on Thursday, September 30 after her fight with cancer. Kess was diagnosed on Memorial Day with lung cancer after a routine veterinary checkup.

Kess was diagnosed on Memorial Day with lung cancer after a routine veterinary checkup. The vet was not optimistic, but we began chemotherapy immediately with our long time oncologist. Kess gathered her strength and rallied to the point that she seemed cured, but it was clear that she was beginning to tire more easily. We received another blow when her sister, Xena was also diagnosed with cancer after many attempts to uncover the problem at the end of June. After she had fought and won against cancer three years previously we had hoped she would be free of that illness again. We began her treatment and for a month had simultaneous chemotherapy appointments.

When Xena passed away on August 4th, she left Kess without her beloved friend and sister. The loss was terribly painful for all of us, but Kess employed her happy personality every day to
keep all of our spirits up.

We were fortunate to be able to spend 100% of our time with Kess and Xena this summer and even before this neither spent even an hour alone away from Mommy or Daddy. The girls were able to enjoy almost all of this last of their three summers together and went every day to our 100 acre dog park or the beach and then on special trips each weekend. During our time with Kess, she went from being a shy girl unsure of what to do, to one with supreme confidence. She overcame her long time “pee pee” problems after we switched her over to a fully home-cooked and grain-free diet. Her short fur grew longer and she became even more gorgeous than when we first met her.

She was the favorite dog of every neighbor. Every person who met her at dog parks or in her many travels seemed to fall immediately in love and asked us where they too could find such a gentle, beautiful girl. She was absolutely the best ambassador for white shepherds and pet rescue anyone could have wanted.

Kess was the last of our four dogs to join us as well as the last to pass on. From the first day, she integrated into our lives and bonded as completely as if she had been with us since a puppy. “Big Girl” Kess was a devoted sister and protector to Xena, and playmate and companion to her Mommy and Daddy. She stayed upbeat, happy, and loving to the very end and although we are shattered by her loss, we feel privileged to have been her parents for the last two years of her life.

As we reflect on this too brief time with Kess, and recount our years with our four dogs, we find ourselves for the first time in eighteen years, alone, but with all of those years full of beautiful memories.








To see more wonderful pictures of Kess, click here.

GSRNE #155
3/10/2000 - 7/18/2010

My heart is broken. My beloved Akaysha (GSRNE #155) went to the rainbow bridge on Sunday, 7/18/2010.

Akaysha was a God-send to me. I had lost my precious GSD, Nikki, the year before and things were plain lonesome around here. I found GSRNE and went through the adoption process. I met Akaysha at her foster home with Lynda and Warren at the end of 2003. She loved them and their Clinty. I almost felt guilty driving away with her, because she was so happy in their home. Thanks you guys!

Akaysha had been through quite a bit in her life before she came to me (her third and forever home). While at her first, she was hit by a car and broke both front elbows which didn’t heal properly; her second home did what they could to help; GSRNE had her evaluated for further treatment when it was determined that nothing further should be done. She walked with a splayed gait but that just added to her charm.

Akaysha was a delight, although her soon-introduced kitty sister, Skeeter, strongly disagreed at first. Within the first couple of weeks they were fast friends, running and chasing each other all over the house. Akaysha was not overly fond of the outdoors. She would agree to go for short walks or would fetch a ball in the backyard but always headed to the door after the first throw. She was my snow baby; she loved the snow and would chase snowballs and lie down in the snow piles. It took forever to pluck off all the snow that stuck to her fur she was quite a sight!

Akaysha loved to ride in the car. She was always pleased when shed hear her leash and was asked to go for a ride. It didn’t matter if it was just to the end of the street and back or if we were going to visit my parents or my sister and her husband. She loved it all. She was a well-mannered visitor. just curious enough to amuse, but never to the point where she wouldn’t be invited again.

Akaysha’s favorite place to hang out was in my home offices doorway, and she always insisted that I be sitting in my chair in that office. I think she figured that there was no other way out except over or around her she kept track of me that way. She was content to lie there chewing on her tennis ball…something that had to be closely monitored, because she was always so pleased when she popped one and could start to tear the cover off. Of course, that wasn’t allowed, so I would have to perform a slight-of-hand and convince her that the new one was as good as the old. She didn’t mind she’d throw it to me; Id toss it back; this volley would continue for a little bit and then she would get to work chewing the new one! She loved that ball. When she heard my sister, Robin, on the phone, her ears would perk up and you could see her thinking. She would scurry off to retrieve the ball so Robin could throw it for her: it was one of Akaysha’s favorite games that became a nightly ritual.

Akaysha had another endearing fetish. She loved to collect my shoes and place them in the very back of her crate (I sometimes wondered if she ever had puppies). I never could convince her to go in and bring them back out though. Not so good for her mom’s knees, but you just couldn’t be irritated with this behavior that sweet face would get to you every time!

Akaysha had surgery a little over two years ago she had bloat. Thank God I recognized it and rushed her to the emergency vet who operated on her within that critical first hour. It was scary but my strong girl made it through and did very well. She was one tough customer!

During last year’s annual check-up, the vet thought that Akaysha’s spleen felt enlarged. The x-ray didn’t show anything conclusive, so we had an ultrasound done. Again nothing was evident. We were monitoring her. During this year’s exam, nothing readily presented. However, this past Sunday night, Akaysha appeared to be in distress and couldn’t stand. I rushed her to the emergency vet where the bad news was delivered. They could readily see a tumor on the new x-ray and that there was a rupture. The vet didn’t feel that Akaysha would make it through this surgery, so I had to make a very difficult decision¦ I opted to do the kindest of kind things, I elected to let her go peacefully into the night, so that she could run free and unencumbered with her sister kitty, Skeeter, and Nikki and the others who had gone on before.

Its very quiet here now; empty.

Thank you GSRNE for entrusting Akaysha’s care to me. It has been my distinct honor, pleasure and joy!

With a very heavy heart,

Kristen J. Bradbury
East Hartford, CT

GSRNE #014
1996? – 2/25/2009

Ginger is having her last night tonight (Feb 25, 2009). We adopted her in May of 1997 from the German Shepherd Rescue of New England. She was 9 months old. From the moment she entered our home, she was part of the family. From a skinny, pointed-nosed puppy, she grew to be a beautiful, loving, sweet “pretty girl.”

A lovely disposition, friendly to all but cats, skunks and squirrels, and she loved to chase her tail with the command “Tail!”

Ginny took it upon herself to guard our home from these suspicious and “dangerous” critters. She Ginger the ropeheadwould sit in the room that overlooked the backyard, alert, and ready to attack. Much to our amusement, Ginny never caught anything. She would run with all her might, slam herself up against the fence, and miss the squirrel…of course. This came as no surprise to anyone…but Ginger. The father of the family, Mitch, insists that Ginny did, in fact, catch two squirrels in her life; gutted them both and left the skins in the small yard we have in the back of the house.Ginger the ropehead

Ginger the ropehead

The children, Genna and Matt, disagree. They’d like to know how a dog that could not catch a ball could catch a squirrel. The daughter, Genna, often would say to Ginger, “ready, don’t catch this.” She was amazingly talented in this regard. A few times, the ball found her mouth, but never the other way around.

Affectionate without slobbering, she was always thrilled to see us, whether it had been five minutes or two weeks. Coming into the house late at night, it was a soft thumping of her tail in the dark, the sound of her warm, dry nose sniffing in the dark. We will miss her every day, especially curling up with her on the floor.

Thank you for operating this fine service. We’ve had a decade of enjoyment and love with a wonderful dog, a real sweetheart.

Be right back, Ginny.









Mitch, Joanne, Genna and Matt Lyons
Newton, MA

Island Jessie
GSRNE #197
1997? – 3/28/2008

We know little of Jessie’s life with her first owners. We have heard she lived with an elderly lady and her son for her first 9 years. The son drove a truck and left Jessie in the care of his Mother for the most part. Things turned bad for this elderly lady as she was placed in a nursing home, and Jessie was left to the kindness of a neighbor’s care when her owner went on 5 day driving assignments. Her owner soon realized that it was best to give Jessie up so she then went to a kennel where she waited for GSRNE and a foster Mom. This we assume was with great pain to Jessie’s owner and performed out of love for Jessie. Jessie became ill while in the kennel environment with whipworm and wasted away to 61 lbs. Jessie’s angel came along via GSRNE and in the form of Foster Mom, Dottie Paquet. Jessie was one sick lady but with the proper care and love she was nursed back to health over a 3 -month period. Jessie added another 10 pounds and although still very thin was now up to 71 lbs. Jessie’s foster Mom was caring for her in a method that provided discipline, exercise and affection. Dottie had reservations about giving Jessie up to adoptive parents as she had become very attached to Jessie. Dottie stuck to her guns as she had made a promise to a German shepherd (Shane) that she recently lost to disease. Dottie had promised Shane she would foster some German shepherds and find them good homes.

We, as Jessie’s new adoptive parents, had recently lost our German shepherd to disease and were searching on the Internet via the GSRNE web site and saw many German Shepherds needing homes. When we came across Jessie’s picture and story (an elderly gal looking for a retirement home) we knew we had a place in our lives for this sweet lady. We applied through GSRNE and were approved. The first meeting with Jessie and her Foster Mom went well, we knew from the moment we saw Jessie that we wanted her to enter into our pack/lives. Jessie was very comfortable and secure in her present Foster Home, receiving discipline, exercise (playing ball with her Foster Mom when we first met Jessie) and love. We played some ball and took her for a walk, wishing we could take her home with us. We know that GSRNE wanted us to think it over and the same for them. We called a couple of days later after giving this responsibility serious consideration and expressed our interest in adopting Jessie. We knew Jessie was an older dog, and we knew we would not have her with us for more than a few years. We knew we had love to give, and we had a great home to share with her. We said yes to Jessie and Jessie, GSRNE and Dottie said yes to us.

06,Jessie,Summer,BThe parting of Jessie and her Foster Mom, Dottie was a difficult event to watch but both stood tough. Dottie had made a promise and Jessie seemed OK with the separation. You wonder what a dog thinks at a moment like this. Dottie had provided us with Jessie’s bed and a pillow case with Dottie’s scent. The car ride home went well and then came the next ride, a boat ride in the dark to our island house. Yes, Jessie was off to live on an island in the middle of Lake Winnipesaukee in NH, Cow Island. We arrived at our island dock; I remember helping Jessie out of the boat, and she almost stepped right back into the water. I don’t think she was seeing all that well and this was unfamiliar to her. We introduced Jessie to her new house/home and set up her bed in our bedroom. After a walk outside she settled right into her bed and remained there until daybreak. You can guess the next few days of walks in the woods, swimming in the lake, drinking water from the lake, chasing the ball, barking at ducks, chasing chipmunks and no danger of cars (there are no roads on Cow Island) she settled right in. Now I can’t remember if it was week one or week two that I was concerned about Jessie’s weight (she was not eating well and our vet indicated she could stand to put on another 10 pounds) so I started sautéing hamburger and chicken livers, adding this to her dry food mixed with some cooked rice. Jessie ate like this for the rest of her life, and we maintained her weight at 80 to 82 pounds. She usually finished all of her meal, both morning and evening. Jessie was in seventh heaven, eating good food, free to roam (never strayed far from our house), swimming at will, drinking lake water, playing with our neighbor’s dog, receiving discipline, exercise (two to four, one-mile walks every day) and love. Jessie joined our pack in September so by November we discouraged her from swimming in the cold. Soon the ice would start and we’d leave the island and head to our Killington home where she seemed just as comfortable. She liked the fireplace, meeting new people and being with her pack. Killington would last until Christmas and then we were off to family until early January; Jessie fit right in here also.

Mid-January brought us back to the island and a walk over the ice to the lake house. Jessie and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA her pack would settle down now for the winter. Lots of snow, lots of ice and lots of cold, Jessie seemed to thrive in the cold. Now is when I discovered that Jessie would ride anything with me, she even joined me on the snowmobile. She seemed to like anything that involved the word walk or ride. We now stayed on the island until there were signs of ice out, usually April 1st. I set some rules when we had our previous German shepherd, Jack. If you stayed out on the island for a winter you earned the surname, Island. So there was Island Bob, Island Penny, Island Jack and now Island Jessie.


Now the bad news: Jessie developed a small blister type wound around her anal area and it broke one evening in December 2007. We were unaware of this blister until this break occurred, a little liquid and some blood had appeared on the floor. Jessie seemed to treat this wound fairly well by herself over the course of the evening, but we took Jessie into the vets the next day as a precaution. Our vet examined Jessie and indicated her anal gland had developed a tumor and due to the hardness of this sac it was likely cancerous and had spread. Due to the likelihood of spreading the cancer still more, the vet advised against an operation. The vet gave us a time frame of 1 to 8 months and warned us about cancer attacking the lungs. Cancer in the lungs would be fast-spreading and a very unpleasant way of crossing that Rainbow Bridge. The vet indicated we could explore and confirm this by taking Jessie to the cancer diagnostic center in Manchester, which we did. Jessie had an ultrasound and this confirmed our fears, the cancer had spread to her liver, spleen and lymph nodes. They also indicated cancer was likely in her lungs and gave Jessie 1 to 6 months. After having Jessie in our family/pack for just a year and a half we decided to make her remaining days as happy as possible. We were praying Jessie could make it through another summer at the lake; she loved the freedom at the lake and had only experienced one summer there. Jessie’s remaining days consisted of three or four walks a day, stick gathering, snowmobile riding and eating her usual meal (which she loved) of sautéed hamburger and chicken livers mixed with dry food. Jessie lasted about 3 months before her breathing become very laborious. We also knew Jessie was not sleeping well and she only went for walks to please us. After serious consideration and thoughts of her suffocating, we decided Jessie’s time had arrived to take that walk over the Rainbow Bridge. We were not going to keep her alive just for us. So now she walks on that “other side” with our previous German shepherd, Jack. They play, run, walk, ride, breathe and eat; all the good things they enjoyed here on earth. And yes, someday we’ll join them.

Jessie passed away March 28, 2008 and we miss her every day. We want to hug her, kiss her on the nose, have those two-way conversations and some day we will. We love you, Island Jessie.

Jessie's last day

Jessie’s last day

Island Penny & Island Bob



GSRNE #070
1996 - 2008

I was researching German Shepherd Rescue in the US since there were no groups in Canada at that time and found the very best in New England – that’s where I saw Hank.   Somehow that boy knew he was destined to be with Rob.  I’m not quite sure how he did it, but after a few weeks and many many email messages and phone calls, and a 24-hour drive from Toronto to New England and back, the adoption was complete.

From the minute Hank laid eyes on Rob, no one else in the universe existed for him (other than the nice lady who filled his dishes every day, took him for walks and gave him his special treats).  Everyone in the neighborhood knew about Hank as soon as he “came home”.  He was sure that everyone walking by the house or coming to the door were there to see him and he loved everyone.  Hank welcomed us home every day for more than 8 yrs squeaking his favorite toy; always with an enthusiastic story to tell about the mailman’s visit and what his other dogs and cats had been doing while we were out!

Hank and RobOne of his very favorite things was to hang out with the guys & watch a game on TV.  Hank had his own special chair and if there wasn’t enough seating guests would sit on the floor – no one would sit in Hank’s chair without his okay.  We soon found out that our boy had a particularly special talent; he could tell me when his daddy was about 10 minutes away from the house which was amazing, since Rob never came home at the same time.  It didn’t matter if he had been away business, attending a late meeting, or golfing …. Hank knew when he was near…a psychic link, a bond that will never be broken.  Even if Rob was in a plane, Hank would start to pace just about the time he was coming in for a landing; then the whining would begin in earnest when he was 10 minutes from the front door.  I now have to rely on a phone call since Degenerative Myelopathy robbed me of my “early warning” alert.

A very BIG thanks to Janice Ritter for having faith in us and breaking the rules just this once so that we could share our life with this extraordinary boy.

Nancy & Rob Clements, Toronto, Canada.

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July 21 – Chris C. of Middletown, NJ

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July 20 – Adam H. of South Portland, ME

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July 17 – Bob I. of Essex, CT

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July 18 – Linda B. of North Reading, MA

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July 15 – Samantha T. of Newton, MA

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July 16 – Nancy W. of Boonton, NJ

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July 13 – Monique A. of Belmont, MA

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July 14 – Nancy W. of Boonton, NJ

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July 11 – Gail V. of Walpole, MA

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July 12 – Lara C. of Brockton, MA

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July 9 – Kathy W. of Belchertown, MA

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July 10 – Amaral Family of Stoughton, MA

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July 7 – Heather L. of Dracut, MA

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July 8 – Davis Family of Dedham, MA

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July 5 – Catherine P. of Dartmouth, MA

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July 6 – Linda C. of Brockton, MA

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July 3 – Lori C. of Ellington, CT

July 4 – Jane D. of Wakefield, MA

July 4 – Jane D. of Wakefield, MA

July 1 - Eunice D. of Roxbury, MA

July 1 – Eunice D. of Roxbury, MA

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July 2 – John M. of Waltham, MA



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Adopted on 5/22/2014


This black and red beauty is a German Shepherd mix with lots of love to give. At 5 years old she’s housebroken and Georgiealready knows her basic commands.

Georgie loves her toys and is overjoyed when she discovers something new to play with in her basket; if it makes noise, even better! When she’s home she stays close to her foster mom, leaning against her for kisses. She loves attention and is eager to please. Often she can be found sleeping on her back with her feet in the air!

When someone new arrives Georgie can be timid and fearful. She barks and then retreats to a hiding spot in the back of the house. Once she knows it’s safe she’ll join the group and start to relax, although she still keeps a watchful eye on everyone. She wasn’t socialized properly in her former home and is slowly learning.

Georgie is looking for a quiet home that will shower her with love and attention while helping her gain confidence.


Adopted on 1/26/2013


Manny has had quite a few changes in his seven years, but he’s managed to adjust each time and is eager to please; Manny [3]he’s food-motivated and enjoys doing obedience exercises for treats.

He came to GSRNE from a shelter, and we were told that his former owner had adopted him from there five years ago and was now losing her home to a foreclosure.  The reason he was turned in the first time was due to the owner’s homeowner insurance being canceled because she had a German Shepherd dog.  Sadly, the people didn’t check around for another insurance company.

At one point, Manny lived with 6 children, ages 8-16; and with 2 cats and a Pomeranian, so he’s had a variety of social experiences.

Initially, in foster care, he would race around the fenced yard as though he didn’t know what to do with himself; hisManny [4] foster Mom called it having the “Zoomies.” He would charge at the fence when the neighbor’s dogs were out in their yard barking at him, but can walk past other dogs on leash as long as those dogs are under control.  Manny is constantly learning new words and commands, and he has let us know that he really likes chewing on a bully stick or a marrow bone or playing with a stuffed toy.  When he was given a Kong stuffed with peanutbutter, though, he did not show much interest.

Mostly, Manny likes doing things with his humans and is not interested in having another dog for a playmate.  If you’re looking for an active guy who will find you more interesting than anything else in his world, he may be the one you’re looking for!

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