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First impressions can be very powerful. Likewise, a photo can convey, in a way no words can, the unique beauty, intelligence, nobility, loyalty, and affable nature of a dog. Pictures often trigger raw emotions, prompting us to smile and sometimes giggle, weep or sometimes wail, and celebrate or sometimes worry sick. But most importantly, a photograph can foster an attachment, inspiring some to reach out to a dog they’ve never met personally.Nannie Millie was one such dog. Rescued from the frigid streets of Rhode Island at about 14 years of age, her fascinating journey is chronicled in this amusing photo book. Comprised of ten chapters including short narratives, and over 150 extraordinary photos tagged with creative captions, this book is sure to rouse you with pure joy, sadness, wonderment, and fits of laughter. Dog enthusiasts far and wide will delight in ´Nannie Millie´, and undoubtedly, most will never look at an old dog the same way again.


The above narrative is the description of my new book, ‘Nannie Millie’.

Millie was rescued in 2007 and at that time, I began documenting her life through photos on a Shepherd forum. She had a very large following who fell in love with not just her, but with seniors in general. Some even adopted or fostered seniors because she touched them in some special way.

So after she passed, members inspired me to document her story in a book. It took me several years to complete it, and although it was released months ago, I wasn’t quite ready emotionally to publicly announce it. But I’m past that now, and so yes, Nannie Millie now has her own book!

The book is a condensed version as color printing is cost prohibitive. I realize it is a bit pricey, (set by the publisher, not me), but that’s the nature of Print on Demand and full color publishing.

Melissa checking out the first draft of the book when it arrived in the spring.

About the Book

Excerpt from the book:

Book Review from New York journalist:

GSRNE Facebook page:
where I’m told there will be some discussion about the book coming up:


How to Buy Your Own Copy


Purchase them directly from the author:
there is $10 off either hard or soft cover, plus shipping and handling. And the price comes down as the number of book orders goes up, per single order.

BTW, it’s APPROXIMATELY $4 to mail the book around the USA (it’s 8.5×11 inches and weighs about a pound, see photo below).  To purchase the book, please email me at


Mention GSRNE and we’ll get 30% of the profit!!


Note from the author: To be very clear about everything, this was an independent project, and all costs to create and publish the book came out of my own pocket. Costs of publishing the book are on publisher’s website and so this is not purely a fundraising project.

I view ‘Nannie Millie’ as a vehicle to help promote homeless seniors. If I find I’m able to recoup my costs, then I’ll consider investing in a second book along the same lines, as some people have asked.

As always, I welcome questions and comments. Email me at


I hope Millie’s story inspires you as much as her life inspired me.Donna Joseph

 Back to the Beginning: Nannie Millie’s Story

“Welcome to my new park everyone.”

“I wonder which ancestors were here before me.”

“Very nice to meet you, ma’m.”

“Everyone here greets each other in the manner they are accustomed to.”

“Gosh it’s so cold today, but I really don’t care anymore.”

“Because I’ve got way too much living to catch up on.”

“Look at my friends over there having so much fun.”

“This chow behind me wants to join in, but we’ll see how that one goes.”

“C’mon little chow, you know you want to.”

“ExKUSE me?”

“Uh-OH. This could really get ugly.”

“Listen, I’ve spoken to Duke about his bad behavior, and he assures me he’ll do the right thing from now on.”

“Geeeeez, I thought if a savage LION had invaded our playground you’d want me to take care of it.”

“C’mon, Mr. Chow, time to make Dukie look GOOD now.”

“Don’t talk the talk, just WALK.”

“Now RUN!”

“Wow, that’s a first.”

“Hey, Duke, slow down, you’re dragging him.”

“Hmmph. A guy can’t win around here.”

“But a woman can, and fortunately, I HAVE.”


Next Up: Nannie Millie’s Book

About a month after Millie arrived, I had dragged a few old rugs out from the basement to provide some
safe footing for her when the ground iced up. Not long after, we all hung out with Millie for some fun.

“Don’t look now, but I think our party has just been torpedoed.”


“Just a bad hair day, guys. Nothing to get excited about.”

“Haven’t you ever heard of a groomer, old woman?”

“Groomer? In my former ‘sheltered’ life? Why every day, of course.”

“Now who’s up for a game of tag? Oh, Dukieee?!”

“I probably should be hiding right about now.”

“Ah, so THERE’S my missing stick!”

“Sally, you are too young to play with SHARP objects.”

“But I thought that was a CANE for old ladies who can’t walk. Hahaha.”

“Oooops, I think I just dissed my grandmother.”



“Yup, you’ve all tired old grannie out.”

“But tomorrow is another day, to get this pack in order.”


Next Up: Millie’s New Park

“In realizing I couldn’t walk across slippery floors, mom grabbed whatever was available to keep
me safe at my initial vet check.”

“Excuse me, do you know how long the wait will be?”

“Geeez, I hope the doctor didn’t get lost.”

“That’s probably just my stomach growling, doc. My lunch hour came and went in the waiting area.”

“There better be a whole package of hot dogs at the end of all this.”

“Hey guys, anyone see the cookie jar?”

“Ahhh, maybe that trip to the vets was worth it after all.”

“MOM! You’re going to SPOIL her!”

“Don’t let Matsi fool you guys, we’re ALL spoiled here.”

“Eat, sleep, and be happy. And then do it all over again tomorow, if we are so blessed.”

“Did you guys hear? I’ve got a new dog!”

“And auntie says I’m grown up enough to help take care of her!”

“I’m going to look after you really well, girl.”

“First, open your mouth and say ahhhh.”

“Good, now WATCH ME whenever I do this.”

“Now, LAY DOWN.”

“You are a very, VERY good girl.”

“If I’m SO good, then why did my previous family DUMP me?”

“Because someone very smart, way up in heaven, knew ‘I’ needed you.”

“Hey, I know, maybe Millie can be my new Nannie!”

“Psssst. And I know where auntie hides all the best cookies.”

“Welcome to your new home, Nannie Millie.”

Next Up: Vet Check for Nannie Millie

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First impressions can be very powerful. Likewise, a photo can convey, in a way no [more]
"Welcome to my new park everyone." "I wonder which ancestors were here before me." [more]
About a month after Millie arrived, I had dragged a few old rugs out from the basement to [more]
"In realizing I couldn't walk across slippery floors, mom grabbed whatever was available t[more]
"Did you guys hear? I've got a new dog!" "And auntie says I'm grown up enough to he[more]