Abby’s “Leg”acy

Abby (formerly Pia) GSRNE #34

Abby (formerly Pia) GSRNE #34

When Abby was adopted by her new mom, all that was known about her was that she was a very sweet dog and that she had elbow dysplasia. Within 2.5 months of adopting Abby, she had her first surgery. This surgery was to remove/repair a fractured coronoid process in her left elbow because of elbow dysplasia. She recovered beautifully and was in love with everyone at the vet’s office and they were in love with her as well.

A mere 16-months later, Abby exhibited the same symptoms in her other elbow. She went back to the vet for surgery for the dysplasia in her that elbow also. Through all of this Abby continued to display her sweet disposition and charmed every vet and vet technician in the office.

In December of 2000, Abby’s mom noticed that Abby was slower to get up after resting and that when she was out walking she would develop a “hitch in her get-a-long.” A trip to her vet confirmed that Abby did indeed have hip dysplasia. :-(

Abby was to wait one week to have radiographs of her hips, BUT during that week, she slipped on some ice and tore her anterior cruciate ligament. Thanks to Abby’s vet, Dr. Brewster, physical therapy and a patient dog, Abby was almost completely healed when she tried to chase one of the cats in the household. She tore a small piece of her medial menisus in the same knee. Barely 6 months had passed and she needed yet another surgery!

This last recovery has been quite successful. Abby now receives acupuncture treatments and eats a unique diet. She is doing well and we all hope that she remains healthy.

Abby’s mom, Beth, came up with the idea of Abby’s “LEG”acy to help GSRNE provide treatment to dogs with orthopedic issues. She says, “I know that there are other dogs, just like Abby, who are sweet, devoted, playful, loving companions who have significant orthopedic needs. I wanted other folks to know the joys of living with an “Abby” without having to shoulder the complete financial burden.”

Kelly, GSRNE #102

Kelly, GSRNE #102

Kelly, pictured above right after her surgery, was born with severe hip dysplasia. Abby’s “Leg”acy allows GSRNE to treat dogs like Kelly that are born with serious orthopedic needs.

Kelly GSRNE #102 now...

Kelly GSRNE #102 now…

Pictured here chasing her true love, the tennis ball.

To contribute to Abby’s “Leg”acy, make your check out to GSRNE, Inc. and note on the check that the donation is to be ear-marked for Abby’s “Leg”acy Fund.

Send donations to:

Abby’s “Leg”acy
Box 299
Wayland, MA 01778

For those that are strong of heart but weak of limbs.


 Please note that it is for Abby’s LEGacy

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