2014 Live Auction Items 6

Life Size Puzzle

Life Size Puzzle

            German Shepherd Life-Size 3D Puzzle Sculpture                               $360.00

This is truly a piece of art that not many people have seen. Made of the finest solid birch wood,

this life-size puzzle sculpture can be stained, varnished, or kept in its natural look. Sure to be a

wonderful conversation piece.

Donated by:    Danny Thompson



Stained Glass

Stained Glass

            German Shepherd Stained Glass Panel                                              $80.00

This 16” portrait of a classic German Shepherd head will enhance the beauty of the sunlight

coming through your window

Donated by:    Gina & Mike D’Antuono



Quilted Wall Hanging

Quilted Wall Hanging

            32.5” X 44.5” Quilted Wall Hanging                                                $350.00

This is a colorful, quilted wall hanging, featuring 7 GSDs “drawn” in thread and surrounded with

multiple fabric squares in blues, greens, purples, and pinks. Made as a tribute to Smokey, the

donor’s GSD, who gave them 14 years, 7 months, and one day of love, joy, laughter, and loyalty.

Donated by:    Sandi Schrader




Dog Gift Basket

            Dog Gift Basket                                                                           $95.00

Your dog will be in heaven when you bring home this basket! Filled with the following items: Old

Mother Hubbard Bitz Training Treats, Mini Dog Biscuits, Calendar, Bone Magnet, Pawprint

Magnet, Dental Chew, Chuck It, Multipet Toy, Disco Tug Toy, Kong Wubba, Kong Air Dog

Ball, Leash & Collar Set (with an additional 10% Off Discount Certificate), and a Dog Dish.

Donated by:    Jill & Jim Cuddihy




Hot Hot Hot ! Caliente Quilt

Hot Hot Hot! Caliente Quilt

            Hot Hot Hot! Caliente Quilt                                                         $275.00

This Queen size handmade quilt in orange and reds was made just for GSRNE. It has cooling

squares of light pink and deep maroon.  It is made in cotton, cotton blends, polyester and

acetate. Machine wash/ Tumble dry.

Donated by:    Lisa Lapierre




Josephine Crumrine-Liddell Shepherd

Josephine Crumrine-Liddell Shepherd

            Josephine Crumrine-Liddell Shepherd                                             $300.00

This majestic German shepherd portrait will catch your eye again and again. In addition to being

beautifully framed, it’s also signed by the artist. Size 31” X 27” with a lovely gold frame.

Donated by:    Carol Nickisher






            Collectible GUND Bear                                                                  $92.00

The World’s Most Huggable…since 1898. This lovable, huggable, plush bear is for children of all ages and perfect for every occasion. Combining the richness of tradition with the excitement of innovation, the GUND bear is a delight.  This bear is part of a collection given to German Shepherd Rescue in hopes it will delight the buyer as well as help the dogs!


Donated by:    Diana Kimball



GSRNE Cupcakes

GSRNE Cupcakes


Dozen TLC Cupcakes

Dozen DC Georgetown Cupcakes

            Dozen GSRNE Logo Cupcakes by TLC’s DC Cupcakes                             $38.00

This popular TV show makes the best cupcakes! This specialty dozen features yummy cupcakes

with GSRNE’s logo on them! Even if you are not a fan of the show on TLC called DC cupcakes

you will still enjoy these.

Donated by:    DC Georgetown Cupcakes



Surf's Up

Surf’s Up

            16” X 20” “Surf’s Up” Print                                                          $150.00

Animal Laughter Studios’ “Surf’s Up” Archival Print is signed by the artist, Kim Aire-Gerber.  It

also comes with 6 matching notecards to give to animal lover friends!

Donated by:    Kim Arre-Gerber Animal Laughter Studio




GSRNE Bangle Bracelet

GSRNE Bangle Bracelet


L060            GSRNE Bangle Bracelet                                                                $21.00

This bangle bracelet comes in a set of 3 bangles. These sturdy bangles have a personality as

individual as the person who wears them! Custom crafted for GSRNE by Sleeping Bears, it has our

logo. One size fits all.

Donated by:    Valjean McMahon




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