#166 Koa

GSRNE #166
Adopted on August 30, 2004  

Update on January 2007:

Koa and his family were being held after being confiscated for an abuse/neglect case and had spent most of his first 7 months in a shelter while awaiting judgment. Shortly after the shelter was awarded custody, they called GSRNE for help.

Koa and I met for the first time when I picked him up in Connecticut for German Shepherd Rescue of New England. He was a very insecure boy that did not ride well in the car as he had little if any experience with cars.

When Koa first came into GSRNE he hated being touched. He had never lived in a house. He suffered from separation anxiety and had panic attacks when you tried to touch his legs and paws. He had a lot to learn. I was lucky to visit him often his first three weeks with GSRNE as he adjusted to being a dog that lived indoors and was cared for with love and tenderness.

My beautiful Christy, GSRNE #115 (see Rainbow Bridge), had passed away a few months before I picked up Koa and I had no intention of fostering or adopting for a very long time. Fate had other plans. A foster home was desperately needed for Koa and there were none available. I was reluctant at first, because of my recent loss, but then I agreed to foster Koa and he came to live with me. We took things very slowly and he responded well, becoming a happy confident boy that loves people, dogs, and cats. Actually he loves everything! During this process I fell in love with this very special boy and asked to adopt him.

It has been almost three years now and Koa is a very different dog. As I write this I realize just how far he has come. He loves hugs, kisses, belly rubs and leaning on his mom. He can now stay at home alone with no panic or anxiety. He loves riding in the car, swimming at the beach, and playing in his pool. We walk almost every day and the best part for Koa is when we meet up with other people. He is thoroughly convinced that everyone loves him. I love watching how people respond to him. His enthusiasm is infectious and people just melt around him. He is a goofy, happy boy that loves to play.

Thanks GSRNE!

Koa and Laurie

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